• Lorena Balea-Raitz

    Needle Craft Guru

    Lorena Balea-Raitz is a fashion designer and illustrator, teaching Lace making, Crochet, Knitting, Embroidery and Art. Lorena is now Brisbane-based. She was born in Romania and has lived in Europe, US and NZ. Lorena loves to create lace and specialises in Romanian Point Lace. She is the force behind Ink & Lace, focusing on fashion […]

  • Leonie Simpson

    Macrame Queen

    Leonie creates unique handmade Macrame pieces which reflect her love of Vintage and bygone eras and invites her students to get lost in tying knots during her workshops. Leonie has a family connection to the art of Macrame as her Grandad used to do Macramé in the 1970’s. Leonie thinks this is pretty cool!

  • Federica Mandrioli

    Crochet Master

    Federica Mandrioli facilitates Crochet Basics, T-Shirt Yarn and Amigurumi workshops for Hands On Brisbane. For Federica Crochet started as a hobby that she transformed into her project “Natura by Fede”. She’s been crocheting for… ages. Crochet is a world in which she finds peace, time for herself and pride in her work, and she loves […]

  • Veena Dubey

    Film Photography

    Veena Dubey is a painter, illustrator and photographer working in Brisbane Australia. She has recently moved to Brisbane and now dedicates her time to pursue Photography as a passion, hobby and profession. She loves to work in different mediums in painting and illustrations.

  • Carolyn Spresser

    Watercolour Artist

    Carolyn is an architect who spends here weekdays working for a busy city office. On her weekends Carolyn loves teaching watercolours to people of all skill levels.

  • Kelly Newbery

    Indoor Gardening Guru

    Having spent the last 14 years living in apartments Kelly is passionate about bringing the outdoors in and gardening in small spaces.

  • Simmone Spring


    Simmone Spring is the Hands On Brisbane Coordinator and can be found at every Hands On Brisbane event making sure workshops run smoothly, joining in the crafting and helping people out.

  • Chiaki and Chie of HOSO Wrapping

    HOSO wrapping

    Chiaki Harada and Chie Miyasaka both ceriftied gift-wrapping instuctors, teach a range of craft classes for both adults and kids.

  • Cynthia Manietta


    Cynthia Manietta facilitates Ceramics workshops for Hands On Brisbane.

  • Mabina Alaka

    Origami, Kirigami

    Mabina Alaka teaches Origami, Kirigami and Paper Flowers with Hands On Brisbane. Mabina is an accessory artist who was born in Kobe, Japan. She later lived in Canada, the United Kingdom and now calls Brisbane her home.