Chiaki and Chie of HOSO Wrapping

Chiaki and Chie of HOSO Wrapping

HOSO wrapping

Chiaki Harada

Chiaki was born in a small town in Tokyo, Japan, which has hundreds of stationery shops and gift shops.  Chiaki dreamed of becoming an ANIME (Japanese cartoon) creator, but her career path changed and focused on her love of all things craft. Chiaki is a certified gift-wrapping Instructor, with over 6 years experience and teaches a range of craft classes for both adults and kids at shops, libraries, TAFE and various other venues.

Chiaki loves to spend her time with 6 year old son, Takuto, drawing and creating craft at home.

Chie Miyasaka

Chie grew up in Japan, her family were tailors and so from a young age Chie has always loved clothes, paper, ribbon, yarn and wool. With a love of all things creative and crafty Chie is a certified gift-wrapping Instructor with over 6 years experience.  She has extensive experience in teaching gift-wrapping, Japanese Origami and Furoshiki fabric wrapping to adults and children at libraries, TAFE and shops.

Chie has also completed a certificate of commercial cookery.  She loves cooking, baking and of course eating!