Easter Crafting Tutorials

Easter, for me, is a time of crafting. I remember making my Easter Basket up like a comfy little nest and sitting a stuffed toy in there. My family also used to do something with eggs, often decorating them with melted candle wax (using a toothpick) and dying them with food colouring.  You then remove the wax to be left with a beautiful pattern.

Here are some Easter crafting tutorials to keep you and your kids busy for the school break. Some are a little more ambitious and others are simple. They are all adorable!

A sweet Easter basket for the ambitious.
tutorial 3-12-09

A sweet recipe from one of our past Workshops hosts, Bunny Food Fudge.  Don’t worry it is still made of chocolate!
bunny food easter fudge recipe easy diy

Don’t forget to dye your eggs with this Crepe Paper Easter Egg Dying Tutorial


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